TotalLink2 Community – Our Story

About Us

Our story began with six dedicated and resourceful mothers. Each family separately faced their own challenges while navigating the school systems and state’s community services. These parents were determined to find a way to help their children with developmental disabilities achieve their goals, as well as to self-direct and control the type and quality of their support services.

In 2008, these six moms decided to organize under the name TotalLink2 Community. They established a program entitled EVERYONE WORKS! which aimed to create sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders so that employment is the first and preferred option for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These efforts found financial support through a grant from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities and also with The Department of Rehabilitative Services.

2016 TL2C Board and Staff Listing

Board of Directors

  • Keith Baker, JD
  • Adam Brook
  • Susan Hans
  • Maureen Kogen, JD
  • Kevin McCarthy, JD
  • Jeffrey Mohr
  • Kate Mueller
  • Hilda Schultz
  • Janice Weinstein, PsyD
  • Scott Weinstein