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Body, Heart, & Mind is a safe place to learn about our physical bodies, who we are, and what we believe. We will cover topics on sexual health and reproduction, our physical anatomy, healthy communication, gender identity, developing healthy relationships, body image, physical attraction, consent, sexual harassment, self-advocacy, romantic relationships, etc. This is a space to better understand who we are as people and about relationships (friendships, employer/employee, intimate, etc.). Join us for a time to connect, reflect, and access sexual education topics. 

The content of this program will come from the ElevateUs Curriculum, a sexual education curriculum designed for people with developmental disabilities. If you have any questions about the program's content and curriculum, please reach out to Jade at 

Before Body, Heart & Minds, join us for Yoga facilitated by a certified Yoga instructor. Join us in engaging in self-care and exercise that promotes healthy living. We will focus on teaching yoga concepts such as breathing, balance, strength, and flexibility. Yoga poses, and salutations are adapted to support all participants.

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