We have successfully placed more than 120 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in competitively paid positions in inclusive work settings. We’ve also assisted in the creation of self-employment and micro-enterprises for two clients with complex support needs who are not able to work in a typical inclusive workplace setting.


TotalLink has over a 90% placement success rate for people with complex support needs. More importantly, our first jobseekers have retained the same job for more than six years. We strongly believe that giving individuals an opportunity to work provides a critical foundation for building a meaningful life. 

Customized Employment is a "best practice" strategy recognized across the country by experts in the field of employment for people with complex needs. We start with a comprehensive “real life” assessment aimed at identifying your skills, interests, levels of support and ideal work conditions to promote independence and sustainability. Self-employment and micro-enterprise are also creative options for job seekers and families. Our employment specialists help you determine the best options.

To learn more about the customized employment process please contact TotalLink at or 224-412-4718.

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