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The Community Life program offers an opportunity for you to spend time in the community with the support of facilitators and volunteers. Young adults will learn how to research, plan, and coordinate attending events with their friends in the community. Events may include concerts at the park or new experiences like spin classes, cooking classes, or work in ceramics. Our goal is to make meaningful connections and empower individuals to immerse themselves in our community. We will discuss and practice the necessary skills needed to attend events and select events or classes that are enjoyable and relevant. This fun program enhances inclusion, independence, and community connection.

Participants will engage in community activities, and on alternating weeks, they will go to Pinstripes to have a meal together and go bowling. We will have thoughtful conversations about topics that are important to our young adults. This may include current events, news, advocacy, etc. The cost of the program includes bowling and food at Pinstripes. Participants will pay for the cost of other outings during Community Life. 

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