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Building Inclusive Teams

Horizon Therapeutics has been one of TotalLink’s employment partners for more than three years.  They came across TotalLink and reached out about beginning an employment partnership.  After meeting with their team and learning more about their needs and company culture, TotalLink employment specialists found a match with one of their job seekers, Danny.  Danny then went in for an interview at Horizon and was later offered a job.  


Danny works 20 hours a week and helps with their mail services, keeping office supplies stocked, setting up conference rooms for meetings, as well as helping with special projects.  


“Danny is a tremendous asset to the team. We always know he is going to get the job done,” said Tim Scardina, Horizon’s Office Service Manager.


At the beginning of his employment, Danny had a job coach with him to help with his training and support. As his confidence in his responsibilities increased, his coaching support faded.  Today, the Horizon team meets quarterly with Danny and Drew, TotalLink’s employment specialist to have an open line of communication.  


“Danny is truly a blessing to have on the team,” said Holly Strauss, Horizon’s Office Service Manager. She encourages other businesses to take the leap and be open to hiring a young adult with a disability.  

Total Link participant at his job at Horizon Therapeutics.

For more information about TotalLink2 Community’s employment programs or becoming an employer, please contact Emily Raming at or 224-412-4718.

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