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Inclusion in the Workplace

TotalLink2 Community is dedicated to ensuring young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities thrive by working, socializing, and contributing to their community. We are excited to celebrate one of our job seekers, Levi, on his success in his job as a member of the KidCare support staff.


Levi began working with TotalLink and his Employment Specialist, Stephanie Galindez, in 2019. After going through the Discovery and Job Development process, Levi started his job at Northbrook District 28 KidCare. “Through our Discovery process, we learned that Levi loves being around kids. The position at KidCare was a great match with his job themes. He is a valued member of the KidCare staff and uses his abilities and skills to interact and supervise the kids and leads various games and activities,” said Stephanie Galindez.


"I like to play with the kids and help them out. It feels good to talk with them and my co-workers. It also feels good to make my own money.” –Levi


Levi’s job has been an excellent opportunity for him to find a sense of purpose and belonging while providing KidCare with his commitment, reliability, and enthusiasm for his job. “Levi likes to work in the community because it gives him a sense of belonging and giving back. He has participated in many community-based programs over the years, and working at the school reminds him that he is not only a consumer but also can provide a service and help out others. The circle of giving and receiving is complete when adults like Levi have an opportunity to work in their community,” said Levi’s mom, Marla Davishoff. 

TotalLink participant at his job at KidCare.

For more information about TotalLink2 Community’s employment programs or becoming an employer, please contact Emily Raming at or 224-412-4718.

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