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Our Employment PARTNERS

TotalLink participant at work at Carol's Cookies with employer.
TotalLink participant at work with employer.

TotalLink to Community creates partnerships with local employers to increase competitive, community-based employment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and neurodiversity.


Nationally, 85% of adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed. TotalLink is doing everything we can to change that. TotalLink partners with employers to find the right job within your company for a qualified and motivated job seeker.


Thanks to our incredible employment partners, to date, TotalLink has placed 170 people with disabilities in paid jobs in their community.


Our Employment Partners: ​

Business Advantage:
Hiring People with Disabilities

Reason 1: Return on Investment

Research demonstrates that employees with intellectual disabilities meet or exceed performance expectations. Companies describe employees with intellectual disabilities as "Model" employees: reliable, engaged in their work, motivated, with excellent attendance records, strong attention to work quality, and high productivity.

Reason 2: Marketing

One out of every eight people in the United States has a disability. Customers with disabilities, their families, friends, and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. People with disabilities and their family members purchase products and services that best meet their needs. 85% of Americans prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.

Reason 3: Innovation

People with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products and services. As part of your team, people with disabilities share their unique skills and perspective, helping to build your business and lead your company into the future, together.

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