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TotalLink2 participants smiling.
TotalLink2 participant at work.



Participant at ArtLab.

TotalLink provides innovative programs and services that teach critical life skills to help prepare young adults with special needs for the world of work. Our learning labs, skills development programs, social programs, and customized employment process empower young adults to be confident, independent, and deeply rooted in their communities.

Our clients come to us with disabilities that range across a broad spectrum; from those with complex support needs to those that are more highly functioning. TotalLink provides solutions to this often overlooked or neglected group of people.

Financial assistance is available on an a case by case basis. Individuals and families can access services by scheduling an intake session with our TotalLink staff. Please contact us at (224) 412-4718 or

TotalLink2 participant at work.

Customized Employment

Illustrated Family

Family Coaching

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