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Yoga and Healthy Supper Club will now occur virtually and will be Yoga and Dinner and Friends.  

 If you have already paid and would like a refund via check instead of a credit towards future programs, please email Madison at


If you would like to learn more about cooking skills, we are happy to provide

private or semi-private coaching in this area. Please reach out to Madison to learn more. 

Yoga will be facilitated by Pam Tokowitz, a certified Yoga instructor. There is a focus on teaching yoga concepts such as breathing, balance, strength, and flexibility. Learning poses and salutations will also be included. 


Dinner with Friends will be facilitated by Kasey Atkinson.

Join us as we enjoy facilitated conversation while eating dinner together via Zoom. Come to the meeting with your meal and be ready to share what you made and something about it. Most of all, be ready for some great dinner conversation! 


Lisa McCarthy was passionate about life. She loved her family, her friends, and she threw herself into every aspect of her life with great enthusiasm. Lisa loved to cook. She was a gifted and natural chef, one who didn't need a recipe or a cookbook, and she was generous with her talent. Whether she was cooking for eight or 80, Lisa created beautiful meals full of flavor and love. She was well known for her relationship with waiters and restaurant chefs, if Lisa loved a dish, would study and recreate it, which she often did.

In honor of Lisa, TotalLink is dedicating and renaming our cooking program. Our Healthy Supper Club will now be known as Lisa's Healthy Supper Club. We hope that our participants develop Lisa's passion for cooking healthy and delicious food.

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