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Inclusion in the Workplace

Congratulations to TotalLink Employment Partner Zebra Technologies Corporation on receiving the 2021 Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) Employer Award. 


TotalLink nominated Zebra for its outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. As an employer, the Zebra Technologies Corporation supports disability inclusion within the workplace. This can be seen from all aspects of working with Zebra, from its hiring process to support on the job and even looking toward the employee’s future success. Zebra strives to have its employees feel that they are valued and respected. Zebra is committed to learning the skills that create a culture of inclusion and belonging.


One of TotalLink's job seekers, Steve has been working at Zebra for over six months. "I lost my job as a result of the pandemic. While being part of TotalLink2 Community’s social groups, they introduced me to a job opportunity at Zebra Technologies that was similar to my previous job. TotalLink provides job coaching and I really look forward to going to work each day," said Steve.


"Over the past six months, Zebra has encouraged Steve to explore other roles in the plant for advancement. They have increased Steve's work hours and salary. He was also publicly recognized in the Manager Discretionary 2021 program for teamwork and given 'Zebra points',” said Steve's mom, Lynn.


APSE and its members emphasize the importance of collaborating with businesses to create good job matches. The success of APSE's Employment First program relies on partner employers who seek to value and demonstrate the importance of an inclusive workforce by employing people with disabilities.

TotalLink participant at his job at Zebra Technologies

For more information about TotalLink2 Community’s employment programs or becoming an employer, please contact Emily Raming at or 224-412-4718.

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