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Before work this spring, Johnny’s co-workers at Abt Electronics asked about his shirt size. They said they had noticed him frequently playing with his magnetic name tag. The team pulled money from their bonuses to gift him a few Abt shirts with Johnny’s name embroidered on them. They thought this would help Johnny feel more comfortable at work. This is one example of Abt Electronics in Glenview holding to its reputation of excellence. 


Johnny has been proudly working as an Appliance Parts Associate at Abt Electronics in Glenview since July 2022. He assists with data entry, scanning invoices, and cross-referencing purchase order numbers. Before being hired, Johnny would regularly visit his favorite store, Abt, with his family, and given his computer skills, applying for a job there was a great fit.


"Johnny's a great addition to our team! He brings great positive energy to the workplace. Once he learns what needs to be done, he gets you out of the way, and off he goes. Johnny has great work focus and completes his tasks without question or hesitation. He's a pleasure to work with," shared Ray Samrah, Abt Electronics Appliance Service Manager.

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"Johnny's job at Abt has been life-changing! It was a sad time for him when he transitioned out of school during Covid. Working with TotalLink and finding his job at Abt has been such a blessing! It's so nice to see Johnny walk out of work with a smile on his face." - Eileen Reisel, Johnny's mother 


Pictured to the left are Johnny and TotalLink's Employment Specialist, Greg Spigelman.

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