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Customized Employment

TotalLink participant at work.
TotalLink participant at work.
TotalLink participant at work.
TotalLink participant at work.
TotalLink participant at work.

We have successfully placed more than 170 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or who are neurodiverse in competitively paid positions in inclusive work settings. We’ve also assisted in the creation of self-employment and micro-enterprises for two clients with complex support needs who are not able to work in a typical inclusive workplace setting.


TotalLink has over a 90% placement success rate in supporting adults with disabilities to gain employment. More importantly, our first job seekers have retained the same job for more than eight years. We strongly believe that giving individuals an opportunity to work provides a critical foundation for building a meaningful life. 


Customized Employment uses a person-centered approach designed to meet the unique needs and abilities of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities or who are neurodiverse. Grounded in a strength-based philosophy, our program is uniquely tailored to each individual, focusing on creating a win-win match between the job seeker and employer.


This highly individualized approach involves a six-step process, taking each job seeker through a personalized journey that can span several months to over a year, resulting in sustainable employment that meets the needs of both the individual and the business. 


Customized Employment is a unique process that doesn’t follow the typical job search process that may include searching for jobs on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Instead, it starts the Discovery phase, where TotalLink’s Employment Specialists get to know the individual job seeker and the skills, strengths, interests, and assets they can offer an employer. 


TotalLink embeds the Customized Employment process in all our DRS contracts and private pay services. 









View our Customized Employment Brochure

CLICK HERE to find out more about our partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services. 

To learn more about the customized employment process, please contact

TotalLink at or (224) 412-4718.

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Highlighting Josh Devries

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