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TotalLink participant at work.

TotalLink has a Supported Employment contract with illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) that provides young adults with the most significant challenges access to customized employment.  TotalLink helps young adults and families determine the level of need for supported employment in order to make appropriate referrals to DRS. (Transition age youth may be eligible to receive supported employment through DRS the semester prior to graduation to insure continuity of services after graduation.)

We encourage families to start building the bridge to adult employment services when transition planning starts by inviting one of our employment specialists to attend IEP meetings.  To learn more about ways to building the bridge please contact


Customized Employment is a "best practice" strategy recognized across the country by experts in the field of employment for people with complex needs. We start with a comprehensive “real life” assessment aimed at identifying your skills, interests, levels of support and ideal work conditions to promote independence and sustainability. Self-employment and micro-enterprise are also creative options for job seekers and families. Our employment specialists help you determine the best options.

To learn more about the customized employment process please contact TotalLink at or (224) 412-4718.

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