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Employer Spotlight:

Blick Art Materials

Congratulations to Daniel for landing a job this January at Blick Art Materials in Highland Park!


Daniel has a fantastic memory for statistics and has extensive experience working at financial offices doing various clerical tasks. His employment goal with TotalLink was to find another role in the financial or corporate field.

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 12.24.28 PM.png

"Daniel was patient in looking for a job that utilizes his skills and was in a professional office setting near his Highland Park home. Blick Art Materials has been a great match for him."

-Drew Philips, Employment Specialist

Daniel and his job coach, Drew Philips, worked together for several months to find the right fit. Drew connected with Megan Morefield, an Office Manager at Blick Art Material's Corporate Headquarters in Highland Park, and two tours and one interview later, Daniel received a job offer.


In his role, Daniel takes inventory of and restocks the kitchen and printers; scans and shreds documents; preps and cleans the kitchen for catered company lunches; gathers, sorts, and delivers mail; and will soon begin doing data entry tasks. 


"We are excited to have Daniel on our team at Blick Art Materials. We worked with TotalLink to customize his job description, and his new role is very beneficial for our team."

-Megan Morefield, Blick Art Materials Office Manager

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