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Gametime Grub Dinner Meetup: A Winning Recipe for Sports Fans!

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After receiving feedback from sports fans about wanting a space to watch games with friends,TotalLink’s newest program, Gametime Grub, was launched. The group meets on Monday nights at Northbrook’s Buffalo Wild Wings, where they enjoy dinner, get to know new friends, and strengthen their connections with their community.

Buffalo Wild Wings provides an exciting environment in the community for the group to enjoy an evening together. This new program is a great opportunity for participants to grow in independence. Budgeting and finance are embedded in the evening’s conversations to practice these skills when going out with friends.

Lisa Levi, a parent of one of the Gametime Grub participants, shared, “I just wanted to let you know how much Kevin is enjoying Gametime Grub at Buffalo Wild Wings! He starts talking about it coming up over the weekend. We've also noticed some new food ordering skills from him. He is communicating more with a waiter/waitress and asking them questions about choices! Thanks so much for adding this sports-oriented offering.” 

Gametime Grub will be a recurring program offered each session at TotalLink. Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or hockey season, we are so glad we have a program that satisfies the need for sports fans to get together and enjoy a shared interest. 

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