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A Sweet New Job at Georgia Nut Company

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"Brad completes his job and catches on to new tasks quickly, which is a good thing in this industry." - Brenda Escamilla, Department Lead and Brad's supervisor at Georgia Nut Company

Georgia Nut Company, a family-owned business that manufactures nuts, chocolates, and old-time confections, recently hired Brad, a TotalLink job seeker, as a pallet stacker and labeler. With a passion for precision and a dedication to quality, Brad is skilled at making sure that the boxes are properly stacked, labeled, and ready for shipment. He likes applying labels on the boxes and helping his co-workers.


"Georgia Nut Company has been really accommodating, open to Brad working for them, and accepting," shared Brad's mom, Eden. "It's important that Brad has a sense of accomplishment and purpose every day," she continued.

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