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Sarah's Karaoke Meetup

Whether you can carry a tune or not, we're all stars during Karaoke Meetup, so come join us! The mission of Sarah's Karaoke Meetup is to bring people who love music together for singing, friendship, and fun! 

Madame ZuZu's is a fun, modern, and exciting location with both food and beverages. When you arrive, feel free to grab something to eat or drink, then come enjoy time singing with your friends! Sign up at the table up front with your favorite party song.

A Community Coach from TotalLink will attend the event from 5:30 - 7:30 PM to promote social engagement and support participation. If you or your family member benefit from one-to-one support at public community events that involve sitting and listening independently to a speaker or socializing with the public, please reach out to Teri Rosenberg at The Community Coach may contact the family if additional support is needed.

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