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Employer Spotlight: Trader Joe's

Lee set big goals for himself when he started working at Trader Joe’s last September, and he is proud to report he accomplished three of them. 

Goal 1: increase work hours - check 

Lee started with four hours a week and now works twelve.

Goal 2: learn new responsibilities - check 

Lee started with stocking items, retrieving carts, bagging groceries, and assisting customers. Now, he is also trained as a cashier working on the register. 


Goal 3: work using the natural supports of his co-workers - check 

Lee recently transitioned to working independently without job coach support.


Bonus Goal: enhance quality of life - check 

Lee’s confidence increased as his work competence increased.

Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 8.17.11 AM.png

"I feel welcomed, and what I do is important. I enjoy learning all the different jobs at Trader Joe’s, and I’m proud that I have learned to be a cashier all by myself. The thing I like is that people are friendly, and my fellow crew members help me learn new jobs until I can do them by myself." - Lee


Lee's mom, Ronni, noted, "Lee is very happy working at Trader Joe’s. His self-confidence has increased. I enjoy coming to Trader Joe’s and hearing other crew members say they like Lee and enjoy working with him."


Lee’s success story at Trader Joe's is a testament to the positive impact of a supportive work environment. Trader Joe’s commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace is evident in Lee’s happiness and achievements.

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